Along with this website, which will be regularly updated with blog entries, videos, and photos, we will be maintaining a Facebook and Twitter page.  Our sponsors will be displayed on all social media pages and videos. Part of our assault on social media will be releasing edited video of riding, racing, traveling, and the humorous side of the life of a bike racer using a Go Pro or similar style camera. We plan to release these videos through media outlets such as Cyclingdirt, Pinkbike, and Vitalmtb, as well as our team website and personal blogs. Similar videos receive 7-10,000 viewers weekly. We feel this will be the most effective way to entertain and grow an audience, and effectively represent our sponsors.

We want to make an impact at the races, not just be at the races and have our names on the results. We want to share all the experiences we have racing, whether it’s winning the race, being the fastest through the rock garden, or the fan favorite. What we want to portray to our audience is the representation of our sponsors while showing our love for the sport.

Lastly, we will be making custom team kits to race and train in with our sponsors logos so that when media captures us in pictures or on film so our sponsors will be visible. We will also have banners and Team Tents at select races with sponsors logos. With these innovative approaches to sponsor representation paired with our successful race finishes will make your investment in our program worthwhile.


If you or you company are interested in supporting Adigga Racing please contact us and we would love to talk to you about how we can become your mobile marketing team.


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