Enduro Time!

Check in from Adam:


Granite Gorge Enduro


It was a lucky coincidence that I found this race early Saturday morning. I was searching around bikereg for upcoming races and all of a sudden I found the Granite Gorge enduro listed and it was happening today so I yelled out loud “I’m there”. So a half hr later I loaded up the car and made my way to Keene, NH. I had a feeling it was gonna be an interesting race when I showed up and I was one of 5 cars in the parking lot. The course wasn’t marked yet and actually not even finished yet but hey it was an enduro so I was in for the long haul.


After checking out the mtn and finding some people I learned the race was pushed back to 2 o’clock instead of the 1 o’clock posted time and they should have everything marked soon…haha. So I suited up and checked out what was marked. After a quick spin up to the start I quickly learned why everyone else was on a dh bike. It turns out the “sprint” in the name meant 3 dh runs that u had to ride or push your bike up to the start of…Wicked!


Once the rest of the shredders showed up and the race got under way around 2:30. A good time was had by all with your normal amount of heckling, Schwarzenegger impressions and sweet trail shredding.


There was a lot of this going on. Hanging out and yelling “do a pop a wheelie” to everyone coming outta the start gate.



Phil the trail builder doing his best uncle Rico “how much you bet I can throw a football over them mountains”



The first two stages were on some sweet fresh cut trail so it was a mix of proper loam and slick rock. The third stage was the sketchiest but maybe the most fun with the first half on 38 mph fire road straight into a dual slalom course.


At the finish of the third stage after hucking a VW Bus.


When all the racing was said and done with I squeaked by with the win over a crew of fast east coast dhers. Even though it was some wicked gna’hly dh runs first and second place were on trail bikes, trail bike shreddin baby!

Thanks to the Spookey bikes crew for putting on a sweet fun race.

Later, Adam


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  1. Thanks for coming out Adam, you definitely caught my attention as you came through and held onto some of the harder lines. I just shared this on the Grange Gorge Bike Park facebook page, and we should have the video out tomorrow.

    Good luck this season, I hope to run into you again!

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