Enduro Time!

Check in from Adam:


Granite Gorge Enduro


It was a lucky coincidence that I found this race early Saturday morning. I was searching around bikereg for upcoming races and all of a sudden I found the Granite Gorge enduro listed and it was happening today so I yelled out loud “I’m there”. So a half hr later I loaded up the car and made my way to Keene, NH. I had a feeling it was gonna be an interesting race when I showed up and I was one of 5 cars in the parking lot. The course wasn’t marked yet and actually not even finished yet but hey it was an enduro so I was in for the long haul.


After checking out the mtn and finding some people I learned the race was pushed back to 2 o’clock instead of the 1 o’clock posted time and they should have everything marked soon…haha. So I suited up and checked out what was marked. After a quick spin up to the start I quickly learned why everyone else was on a dh bike. It turns out the “sprint” in the name meant 3 dh runs that u had to ride or push your bike up to the start of…Wicked!


Once the rest of the shredders showed up and the race got under way around 2:30. A good time was had by all with your normal amount of heckling, Schwarzenegger impressions and sweet trail shredding.


There was a lot of this going on. Hanging out and yelling “do a pop a wheelie” to everyone coming outta the start gate.



Phil the trail builder doing his best uncle Rico “how much you bet I can throw a football over them mountains”



The first two stages were on some sweet fresh cut trail so it was a mix of proper loam and slick rock. The third stage was the sketchiest but maybe the most fun with the first half on 38 mph fire road straight into a dual slalom course.


At the finish of the third stage after hucking a VW Bus.


When all the racing was said and done with I squeaked by with the win over a crew of fast east coast dhers. Even though it was some wicked gna’hly dh runs first and second place were on trail bikes, trail bike shreddin baby!

Thanks to the Spookey bikes crew for putting on a sweet fun race.

Later, Adam


Training Time!

Its spring, racing is upon us and we’ve been training.  We might be all over the place but we are doing what we need to do so we can be the fastest this summer.  Adam took off to California to do some training at a buddies house.  He got a solid week of training where it was sunny and warm, which made the rest of us very jealous.  While I was riding in this549912_10200613614650089_660613797_n

(Thats me on the right, In the blue.  What you cant see is 200m down the road we were all walking through a fully snow covered road.)

Adam was riding this

IMG_1624         IMG_0689

Not too shabby.  While there he also got to drive his buddies cool cars, a ferrari and a porsche, through the canyons.  I know where Im doing base next year.

Myself,  I’ve been working as an alpine ski racing coach for the Plymouth State University ski team.  Traveling the D1 circuit has been fun, but it has also meant a lot of trainer time, correction, A LOT of trainer time.  So when spring break came along I escaped the trainer and drove down to Northampton, MA to ride and train with Jeremy Durrin, Gabby Day and the rest of the Easthampton/JAM fund crew.  Weather wasn’t that awesome, it never cracked 40 degrees and snowed on us, but the people were great.  If your gonna have cold miserable weather, it really helps to have some other people to ride with/motivate you.  That and Pancakes…


Let me explain, this is the time of year when maple syrup production hits an all time high.  Sugar shacks open their doors and serve pancakes and waffles with endless amounts of syrup, and not aunt jemima, this is grade A (pun intended) awesome maple syrup.  We strategically picked a route that would drop us at a sugar shack 2/3 of the way into a ride.  Right when we might start to feel tired and ready to be done, BOOM pancake power.  We did this two weekends in a row

In between the pancake weekends I got a full week of riding on the incredible western mass roads.  I never road with less than a group of three, even when it was cold and snowing.  I can’t wait to get back down to ride with the crew again.  Here are a few more shots from the week.

544621_4575264302800_731679052_n 544623_10200527098447582_670745794_n

Mike, who is at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO has been having more fun than anyone.  From winning money in ski races, to road racing, and even some downhill.  He had an awesome winter filled with lots of powder skiing and alpine adventures.  He got second in two dual GS ski races and won $140 each time.  Only .01 seconds off the win each time.  And he’s been slaying the park dialing in his 720’s and boosting big jumps


And now hes diving right in with the training.  After riding a few hundred miles he jumped into a crit weekend with Fort Lewis.  In his first crit ever he won a couple primes, unfortunately road tactics got the best of him at the finish line.  However, Day 2, a little smarter and with advice from Isreali National Champion Rotem Ishay he scored a second place.  Not bad for his second crit ever.

892184_10151465743172550_1532634844_o 893375_10151407731426989_1742399748_o

Here he is leading the pack.  Mikey heads off for another road race this weekend with Fort Lewis

Mikey has also been hitting the dirt jumps.  Getting his 360s dialed back in after winter.  And hes been borrowing a DH bike this past week and shredding whips, check it out…

So preparations for race season are wildly different for us, but they are going, and we will be fast.  We are all coming into our first races and within a month we will all be back on the east coast ready to shred!  Get ready, we are coming.

Heres one more picture of big jumps just cause its rad



Welcome to the homepage of the premier mountain bike team in the east!  We are Adigga racing and we are here to make our mark on the Cross Country and Enduro national scenes.  Here on our site you can expect to find photos, videos, and travel and race updates throughout the year.  Doesn’t matter if its a local race, or a world cup, we will be keeping you in the loop with our racing.  We are looking forward to an awesome season of shredding and we’ll see you out on the trails!!